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Trance Communication and the Etheric Eidolon in W.E.Butler's Practical Course on the Mystical Qabalah. 

Dr Steven Critchley is the Director of Studies of the Servants of the Light school. For over 25 years, Steven has been involved, practically, with several aspects of the western esoteric tradition, especially working within Wicca, Esoteric Christianity and with the Mystical Qabalah. In 2007 he completed his PhD thesis on Thomas Taylor the Platonist at the University of York and he has a keen ongoing interest in Neoplatonism, classical theurgy and related magical traditions. Steven also demonstrates regularly on the platform in Spiritualist Church services working as a psychic and spiritual medium. 

W.E. Butler was a student of Dion Fortune, a member of the Fraternity of the Inner Light and latterly in his life, the first Director of Studies of the Servants of the Light school.  A core element of W.E. Butler’s Practical Course on the Mystical Qabalah involves psychological and spiritual work in an interior castle that is built in the imagination and rhythmically projected and re-absorbed by students in their practice. It is a locus of Qabalistic alchemy, refuge, prayer, magical work and of communication with inner plane contacts. Butler called the castle an etheric eidolon and “The Castle Golem.”  In this talk Steven will discuss how elements of Dion Fortunes’ teachings about practical magic, trance consciousness and working within the etheric aura as a “magic mirror” influenced the teachings of W.E. Butler and that still influence the work of the SOL school.”


PRUDENCE JONES    Dion Fortune in Modern Paganism. 

Unexpectedly for a Christian ritual magician, Dion Fortune has left her stamp on modern Paganism, especially Wicca, some of whose early shapers she inspired.  Discover some themes of hers which re-emerge in contemporary Paganism, and see how they are influencing the religious landscape of the future.

Prudence Jones is a past president of the Pagan Federation, having inherited it from its founder, is ordained in the Fellowship of Isis, and has been active in most branches of modern Paganism.  With Nigel Pennick she co-authored 'A History of Pagan Europe,' co-edited ‘Voices From the Circle’ with Caitlin Matthews, and has contributed many chapters and articles to other publications. 


JAMES NORTH     Love, Sex and Polarity Magic in Dion Fortune's Teachings

 Dion Fortune  was deeply preoccupied with sexuality throughout her life, from her early work as a lay psychoanalyst to her impressive magical novels, which explore the inner dynamics of erotic power and synergy. We will consider how the sexual teachings of Polarity Magic presented in her novels, the Arthurian Formula and her other works can be applied in practice, and examine the potential dangers. We will also compare them to other sexual teachings including Tantra, Taoist sexuality and Crowley's Thelema.  

We shall finish by locating Dion Fortune's ideas about sex in the wider context of the role of love and devotion in our spiritual life and in society. To assist this we will consider the hidden influence of the little known Sun Order on Dion Fortune's work.

James North has been a student and practitioner in the Western Mystery Tradition for many years. He studied and trained with several groups rooted in Dion Fortune's work, including 7 years with The Avalon Group. He has a deep love for Easten spirituality and is particularly interested in how Dion Fortune combined Western and Eastern teachings



After Dion I use earth energies and the figures associated with them

Christian is a theologian and teacher of religious education. He came to The Mysteries as a teenager through the works of Doreen Valiente and (later) Marian Green. Over the years he has run his own small group and worked with a wide range of people, at one time running his own pagan magazine. He has written numerous articles for the, recently ceased, Inner Light Journal and contributed to the book "Sparks from the Cosmic Flame". 

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 It's been 80 years since Maiya Tranchell Hayes brought the Arthurian Formula to Dion Fortune in the desperate days of 1940. Since then scholarship and insight have given us a much clearer idea of what this really was from its origin in the sixth century and how it can be applied in our present "desperate days" 

Mike has been described as an integral part of the Western Mystery Tradition. He has been immersed in the development of many successful offshoots of the Golden Dawn Tradition, including the Gareth Knight Group, (of which he was one of the founding Magi), the Avalon Group (founded with Wendy Berg), The Company of Hawkwood, The Rose and Unicorn and The Company of Avalon. He started the Dion Fortune Seminars with Naomi Ozaniec. He is best known however for his work on the Welsh/ Brythonic Tradition. Books include: Awen the quest of the Celtic Mysteries, Merlin's Chess, Working Notes for working magic,and Polarity Magic (with Wendy Berg). He as lectured extensively in the UK, USA and Europe. 


SEPTEMBER 11th. 2021